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Introduction to the Omega Seamaster series omega water proof watch began in 1932 the http://www.replica-watch.org/ Seamaster hippocampus was opened in 1947 until the 60's, the hippocampus style with the traditional dress watch (such as omega butterfly) similar in addition to waterproof performance, the hippocampus rarely have other special features, mostly only show the time, and occasionally date function omega began to inject more hippocampus sports and fashion elements.

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The omega hippocampus product line includes the Seamaster Aqua Terra (150 meters water proof), Seamaster Professional (launched 300 meters water proof, diving sports) in addition there are Seamaster 120 series (120 meters water proof, suit's watch appearance) during this decade, the hippocampus has a strong sport and functional appearance with more diving features, such deeper water depth, rotatable scale bezel, chronograph function high visibility dial.